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Located at ‘la Concepcion Cove’ near Tongo Point, we welcome instructors with their students, deep divers for training or coaching and beginners for courses. Priority is given to people staying longer term. The place is perfect to relax or even shoot genuine pictures with a pretty background and a group of smiling divers having a nice chat. Actually, we chose this area mainly for its diving conditions. The north of Badian bay is sheltered, with depth and little current.





Static and dynamic apnea sessions can be done at the school in a calm and shallow area, just before the drop off. 100meters from the shore we have 2 moorings placed at -40m and -55m. The current follows the tide and is rarely strong so we can use these anchors to teach in good conditions.



For deeper dives or more comfort, we drift dive. The boat picks us up at the school and drops us a few hundred meters from the shore where the depth goes down to -150m+. Going with the current, the diving line is straight, the freefall to. The boat follows 200meters from us, ready to come whenever we call it.


We use dedicated freediving equipment. Two-piece open cell 3mm wetsuits (Beuchat Espadon Equipe and Hammerhead) ; A variety of long and short fins (Aquamundo; Beuchat; Hammerhead; Omer Sting ray). Low volume masks (Aqua Sphera; IST; Omer; Subgear) and different nose clips to find your fit. (Apnea Academy; Octopus; Mares). We use Dive Kurma’s buoys and choose between 4 set-ups (40m/65m/85m/115m).


If you are in love with the school, you can stay at the school as accommodation is available on site. There are A/C rooms with bathroom (no hot shower) and shared kitchen for around 500php per night / 12000 php per month ; Private houses with A/C, hot shower and kitchen for 18000 php per month. Not fast WIFI is available in both.