Our school is a co-operative ; It has a horizontal leadership structure and decisions are taken by mutual consensus. The open price is the business model ; At the end of their stay, divers and students decide how much they contribute.

Open price business model

The open price changes the nature of how freediving education is viewed and delivered. If each individual is different and has different needs, to us it makes the most sense to tailor each program. For it to remain the best option, together we continue to assess and adjust what you are doing based on three guiding principles:

. Are you learning ?
. Is it positive for you?
. Are you truly happy with it?

The school has nothing to sell, nobody is obligated or locked in. We are all free to speak our minds, stay in what is good for us
or leave what is not. Therefore, our relationship is genuine and sincere. This gives the best chance to create an experience based on quality, trust and mutual respect.
Divers like the school very much. They are listened to and considered as individuals not consumers. If the project fulfills their needs they naturally want to preserve it. So far, they have been co-operative and supportive of the project, justifying our bet on the awareness and trust in one another.  The idea of a common project is blooming – And everyone a caretaker for it.

Horizontal Leadership and mutual consensus

We chose a co-operative, horizontal in leadership with decisions made by mutual consensus. We are all equally in control of the nature and direction of the project – Therefore, everyone is responsible for it. Rather than a hippie manifesto, it actually is a very efficient business model.

This system, may spread out and transform how we exchange and work in freediving education; It may bring more empathy, mutual support and happiness in our lives ; It could change the world and save the planet… making us hold hands together… running naked in the fields…Or not.